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On-Site Business Massage
Ensuring the health and wellness of your business

What is on-site massage?

On-site massage is a therapeutic modality given on a specially designed massage chair.  Sessions usually last 10-20 minutes and are designed to address specific areas of stress and muscle discomfort.  This form of therapy is ideally suited to an office environment, since clients remain fully clothed, no oil is used, and the set up is quick and convenient.

The massage chair is supplied by the attending massage therapist.  All you need to supply is a quiet room to conduct the sessions in.

Employee wellness

Initiating on-site massage as part of your employee wellness program is a highly cost-effective means of increasing company productivity and morale, while reducing job stress, accidents, absenteeism, and insurance costs.

Just some of the benefits your company may experience include:

·        A dramatic increase in employee productivity, creativity, decision-making ability,
communication, and a positive attitude.

·        Reduction of job-related stress and anxiety.

·        Reduction of absenteeism and job-related accidents.

·        Increased trust and respect of employees by demonstrating your concern with their health and well-being.

·        Enhanced ability to attract and keep innovative and creative people for your company.

 Some of the benefits your employees may experience include:

·         An increase in the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain, enhancing one’s ability to concentrate and work.

·         The prevention and relief of repetitive strain injuries and chronic job-related conditions
(such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

·         Reduction of stress and anxiety.

·         Reduction in physical fatigue and muscle soreness.

·         Relief of tension-related headaches and eyestrain.

·         Increased morale and productivity.

 An investment in on-site massage   

 On-site massage is a highly cost-effective investment in your business.

·         There is no up-front investment in equipment or facilities.

·         You pay only for the employees who use the service.

·         It can take place on break time, with no work time lost.

 Did you know…?

·         On-site massage is tax deductible.

·         On-site massage can help lower your workman’s compensation costs.

·         You will realize increased productivity from your employees.

When might you use these services?

We also provide services at special events, retreats, off-site meetings, awards ceremonies, and the like.

On-site massages can be awarded to employees who have excelled or participated in a large project.

Pamper your clients by contracting us out to their office for a day.  It’s a great way to win new accounts and thank existing ones.






Why Rocky Mountain Massage?

Rocky Mountain Massage consists of professionally certified massage therapists dedicated to facilitating the health and well-being of your company’s employees.  We emphasize education and self-care techniques, so that our clients can continue to ensure their own health and vitality.

All Rocky Mountain Massage therapists are professionally certified and insured.

Lawrence Lay, owner of Rocky Mountain Massage, stresses an individual approach to addressing the needs and goals of his clients.  Lawrence is a Certified Massage Therapist, a former director of the Healing Arts Institute Massage Clinic in Fort Collins, and a member of the International Massage Association.  He holds an M.A. from Colorado State University.

If you are interested in on-site business or event massage, call us at 970.484.9514 today for more information or to receive your personalized rate package.

From the research archive…

Industry studies provide proof points of the quantifiable cost savings that can be realized by implementing an on-site massage therapy program.

·         According to the U.S. Department of Labor, back pain is the single largest contributor to days away from work or illness.

·         According to the American Institute of Stress job stress costs the U.S. economy $300 billion annually through diminished productivity, compensation claims, and absenteeism.

·         Both Boeing Corporation and Reebok reported a decrease in headaches, back strain and fatigue among employees after bringing in massage therapists. – “The Magic of Touch,” Newsweek, April 6, 1998

·         By including 15 minutes of free massage therapy once a week the Colvert Group, an investment firm in Bethesda, Maryland, reduced its turnover rate to 5% in an industry where the norm is 20%. – HR Focus, September 1997

·         Massage has regained respectability in recent years and now enjoys unprecedented popularity.  Some 25 million Americans make 60 million visits to 85,000 practitioners each year.  These numbers don’t include employees of the growing number of institutions—including the U.S. Department of Justice—that offer massage in the workplace.” – George Howe Colt, Life Magazine, August 1997


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